Customer Service Policy

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At Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd., an integral part of our business is interacting with our clients. Techmation management and employees are committed to providing the best possible service and maintaining long-term relations with our clients. Techmation attributes much of its current success to its ability to respond to clients and their needs.

Techmation has focused on four distinct areas such as:

  1. Care and concern.
  2. Solving client problems quickly and effectively.
  3. Flexibility with our Clients’ needs.
  4. Correcting things that go wrong.

Our Techmation representatives are trained to the following service standards:


  • Be a continuous learner, keep updated on codes, regulations, technologies, work practices and be receptive to new improvements.
  • Work with others to solve problems.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Be a clear, concise and consistent communicator.
  • Be dependable.
  • Use integrity – be truthful and upfront.
  • Be a safe worker.
  • Do quality work.
  • Complete tasks on time or provide the Client with advance notice of delays.
  • Have full awareness of Techmation’s commitment to Quality, Safety & Service!
  • Have respect for others.
  • Admit errors and take ownership to determine resolution.
  • Use errors as an opportunity for learning.

Response to Customers

  • Be excited about Techmation and our Clients’ projects.
  • Respect their time and contribution to the business.
  • Respect and value their opinion.
  • Remember you are providing benefits, not product features.

Response to the Public

  • Your actions should bring respect.
  • You are seen as a voice of reason.
  • You consider the good of the industry in your dealings.
  • Your position is based on current information, but you are open to new information.


Be Professional Every Day!

"Committed to Quality, Safety & Service!"